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  I have always had a keen interest in wildlife and the great outdoors;

  I was an Angler for over 30 years but gave it up a few years ago to       

  concentrate on photographing wildlife. I now live in Runcorn; Cheshire a

  short distance from the M56 that gives me great access to the Wirral,

  Northwales and Lancashire, with some great countryside on my doorstep

  I don’t have to travel too far in search of wildlife and photographic


  Some of my wildlife photographs range from as far afield as Cuba,

  Antigua, Saint Martin, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic,  Tuscany ,

  Corfu, and Turkey.




I now have property in France, deep in the countryside in the heart of the  Limousin; the whole area is a National Park, that’s great for wildlife and I

intend to spend as much time as I can there and invite some of my mates that are into wildlife photography.

My time was once limited because of work commitments, but in May 2011  early retirement was offered to me..................... I didn’t need  asking twice.

Now I am fortunate to be able to get out most days weather permitting that is, and if the all the Jobs allocated to me around the house are completed to a high

standard (Sometimes they are) I am then issued with 24hr pass and now a European Travel Pass.



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Saturday evening walk with the dog and she put up a Roe deer which disappeared into the woods and what looked very much like a wildcat.

It was down a lane on the edge of some very dense woods. The dog was alerted to some movement in the undergrowth as I looked up a Cat showing all the traits of a Wildcat ran up the side of a pine tree and looked at me, but with no camera with me I will never know.

The Hawfinch turned up again but I didn’t photograph it as I still have plenty of images to go through from Friday.

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On Wednesday I packed up the car for the long trip to France, arriving on Thursday at 11.45pm.

After unpacking the car I headed for the supermarket. I just needed a few essential food items, wine being one of them.

As in the UK the weather here seems to have turned cold, throwing an extra log on the fire seems to be the way forward.

The dog seems to have settled into its new routine playing in the garden and investigating new routes around the hamlet.

On the wildlife front not much to report a couple of White Egrets hunting in the fields just down the lane.

On Saturday I set up my bird feeders in the garden, after a slow start one or two Blue and Great Tits appeared and one Robin.

On Monday I spotted a Hawfinch at the top of one of the Cherry trees, it didn’t stay long but I expect it will be back, they seem to be a regular visitor in winter.

Over the next few weeks I will be trying to photograph it if it stays around. Crested Tits and Firecrest are on my list if I we get some good weather.

Although Roe deer are common but they are difficult to get a good photograph of.

Red Squirrels are around but hard to track down as are Pine Martin (time to get the jam out).            


Tuesday morning saw the arrival of a Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Hawfinch was back feeding on the ground next to my bird feeders. By midday a gang of House Sparrows had discovered the feeding station.

Wednesday in the garden Hawfinch again, took dog for a walk and overhead a flock of Cranes flew over.

Internet box arrived, took for ever to get it up and running due to user error.

Thursday and the internet is up and running. In the garden I had an excellent view on a Hawfinch just outside my kitchen window.

Friday and I am all set up to photograph it.


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More to come


A Place in the Sun

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A Place in the Sun

It’s been weeks since I last put up any images on my website, it’s not that I have lost interest, more that I have not had the time.

In January I visited my mate in Wales and ended up traveling home with Border Collie puppy (that wasn’t the plan) however it turned out to be a good decision.


Molly the Collie is now eleven months old and a great dog.



The other big decision was to sell the house in the UK and move to France. We will be moving in a few weeks, having sold our house within a week of it being on the market.


I still have a few images from Mexico and France that I will be uploading soon.


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A Bird in the bush

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This collection of Little Owl photographs are the last from my trip.

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Little Owls in France

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Little Owls in France

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0Y2A07260Y2A0726 0Y2A06960Y2A0696

A bird in the hand

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Little Owl

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Black Redstart

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Black Redstart

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Green Woodpecker

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Green Woodpecker

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Little Owl

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Little Owl



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Off to France for two weeks

Chateau de MontbrunChateau de Montbrun




The Passenger moth

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The Passenger moth

IMG_2449IMG_2449 IMG_2454IMG_2454 IMG_2451IMG_2451 IMG_2448IMG_2448

Cozumel emerald Hummingbird

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Cozumel emerald hummingbird

0Y2A07080Y2A0708 0Y2A07090Y2A0709 0Y2A24190Y2A2419 0Y2A24210Y2A2421 0Y2A24220Y2A2422

Candy-striped spider

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Candy-striped spider

IMG_2800IMG_2800 IMG_2801IMG_2801 IMG_2803IMG_2803 IMG_2805IMG_2805 IMG_2811IMG_2811

Bee Fly

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Bee Fly

IMG_2191IMG_2191 IMG_2216IMG_2216 IMG_2212IMG_2212 IMG_2210IMG_2210 IMG_2187IMG_2187 IMG_2194IMG_2194