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  I have always had a keen interest in wildlife and the great outdoors;

  I was an Angler for over 30 years but gave it up a few years ago to       

  concentrate on photographing wildlife. I  lived in Runcorn; Cheshire a

  short distance from the M56 that gave me great access to the Wirral,

  Northwales and Lancashire, with some great countryside on my doorstep

  I didn't have to travel too far in search of wildlife and photographic


  Some of my wildlife photographs range from as far afield as Cuba,

  Antigua, Saint Martin, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic,  Tuscany ,

  Corfu, Turkey, Spain, Portugal.




I now live in the Charente area of western France.



Little Owl Charente Nature

June 29, 2021

Little Owl Charente Nature

little Owl - HD 1080p

European Green Lizard Charente Nature

June 29, 2021

European Green Lizard Charente Nature

euro green lizards - HD 1080p

Little Owl Garden Safari Charente Nature

June 25, 2021

Little Owl


Roe Deer Charente Nature

June 24, 2021

Roe Deer Charente Nature

P6230386P6230386 P6230362P6230362

Grass Snake Charente Nature

June 22, 2021

Grass Snake Charente Nature

IMG_2536IMG_2536 IMG_2545IMG_2545 IMG_2553IMG_2553 IMG_2563IMG_2563 IMG_2599IMG_2599 IMG_2626IMG_2626 IMG_2627IMG_2627 IMG_2630IMG_2630 IMG_2665IMG_2665 IMG_2668IMG_2668 IMG_2741IMG_2741 IMG_2742IMG_2742 IMG_2743IMG_2743

Reed Warbler: Le Teich

June 19, 2021

Reed Warbler: Le Teich

P6180690P6180690 P6180719P6180719 P6180733P6180733 P6180763P6180763

Wood Sandpiper Le Teich Charente Maritime.

June 17, 2021

Wood Sandpiper: Le Teich Charente Maritime.

P6151249P6151249 P6151248P6151248 P6151247P6151247 P6151245P6151245 P6151244P6151244 P6151242P6151242 P6151241P6151241 P6151240P6151240

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

June 10, 2021

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

P6090283P6090283 P6090284P6090284 P6090292P6090292 P6090294P6090294 P6090304P6090304 P6090305P6090305 P6090312P6090312 P6090356P6090356

Badgers Charente Wlldlife

June 09, 2021

Charente Nature Badgers

New badgers - HD 1080p


Lesser Spotted Wood Pecker Charente Nature

June 07, 2021

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker  Charente Nature

P6071833P6071833 P6071834P6071834 P6071835P6071835 P6071836P6071836 P6071837P6071837 P6071838P6071838 P6071840P6071840 P6071841P6071841 P6071843P6071843

The Night Caller: Tawny Owl

May 31, 2021

Tawny Owl  Garden Safari Charente Nature

A92A6328A92A6328 A92A6327A92A6327

Banded Demoiselle Charente Nature

May 26, 2021

Banded Demoiselle

A92A5122A92A5122 A92A5111A92A5111

Skylark Charente Nature

May 25, 2021

Skylark Charente Nature

A92A5390A92A5390 A92A5413A92A5413 A92A5436A92A5436

Wood White Charente, Nature

May 24, 2021

Wood White 

IMG_1903IMG_1903 IMG_2177IMG_2177

Firecrest Charente Nature

May 24, 2021

Firecrest Charente Nature

P3240147P3240147 P3080097P3080097 P3080095-1P3080095-1 P3080092P3080092 P2240520P2240520

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