Hello and welcome


  I have always had a keen interest in wildlife and the great outdoors;

  I was an Angler for over 30 years but gave it up a few years ago to       

  concentrate on photographing wildlife. I  lived in Runcorn; Cheshire a

  short distance from the M56 that gave me great access to the Wirral,

  Northwales and Lancashire, with some great countryside on my doorstep

  I didn't have to travel too far in search of wildlife and photographic


  Some of my wildlife photographs range from as far afield as Cuba,

  Antigua, Saint Martin, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic,  Tuscany ,

  Corfu, Turkey, Spain, Portugal.




I now live in the Charente area of western France.



When the Nightingale Sings. Charente Nature

April 16, 2021

When the Nightingale Sings

P4160024P4160024 P4160042P4160042

Hen Harrier Charente Nature

April 15, 2021

Hen Harrier Charente Nature

A92A9737A92A9737 A92A9692A92A9692 A92A9526A92A9526 A92A9079A92A9079 A92A8966A92A8966 A92A8956A92A8956

Blackcap Charente Nature

April 13, 2021

Blackcap Charente Nature

A92A7072A92A7072 A92A6977A92A6977 A92A7039A92A7039 A92A6980A92A6980 A92A6997A92A6997 A92A6976A92A6976 A92A6937A92A6937 A92A6968A92A6968 A92A6938A92A6938 A92A6961A92A6961

Nuthatch Charente Nature

April 12, 2021

Nuthatch Charente Nature

A92A1294A92A1294 A92A1277A92A1277 A92A1275A92A1275 A92A0938A92A0938 A92A1208A92A1208 A92A1196A92A1196 A92A1252A92A1252 A92A1270A92A1270

Chiffchaff Charente Nature

April 11, 2021

Chiffchaff.. Charente Nature. A92A0766A92A0766 A92A0776A92A0776 A92A0759A92A0759 A92A0750A92A0750 A92A0730A92A0730


April 10, 2021


P4060738P4060738 P4060740P4060740 P4060745P4060745

Roe Deer

April 10, 2021

Roe Deer

A92A6106A92A6106 A92A6012A92A6012 A92A5956A92A5956 A92A5785A92A5785


European Green Lizard Charente Nature

April 09, 2021

European Green Lizard

A92A9132A92A9132 A92A9125A92A9125 A92A9123A92A9123 A92A9122A92A9122 A92A9110A92A9110 A92A9090A92A9090 A92A9108A92A9108 A92A9021A92A9021 A92A8958A92A8958

Black Redstart Charente Nature

March 21, 2021

Charente Nature

Black Redstart file - HD 1080p Black Redstart

Dartford Warbler Charente Nature

March 09, 2021

Charente Nature

P3090224P3090224 P3090226P3090226 Dartford Warbler P3090228P3090228 P3090235P3090235 P3090238P3090238 P3090244P3090244 P3090245P3090245 P3090266P3090266 P3090271P3090271 P3090272P3090272 P3090273P3090273 P3090275P3090275 P3090391P3090391 P3090396P3090396 P3090403P3090403 P3090417P3090417 P3090419P3090419

Long eared owl Charente Nature

March 05, 2021

Long eared owl 

P3060034P3060034 another bird to add to the garden list and a great bird to have in the garden


P3060057P3060057 Not sure I will find it again

P3060065P3060065 P3060086P3060086 P3060114P3060114 P3060093P3060093

Cattle Egret Charente Nature

February 28, 2021

Cattle Egret Charente Nature

Cattle egret intro 2 - HD 1080p

European Green Lizard- Charente Nature

February 25, 2021

Charente Nature - European Green Lizard

European Green Lizard intro - HD 1080p

Charente Nature Charente

February 19, 2021

Charente Nature

Charente Nature - HD 1080p

Crane Migration Charente

February 19, 2021

Crane Migration over the garden.

Crane Migration 2021 video - HD 1080p

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