Hello and welcome


  I have always had a keen interest in wildlife and the great outdoors;

  I was an Angler for over 30 years but gave it up a few years ago to       

  concentrate on photographing wildlife. I  lived in Runcorn; Cheshire a

  short distance from the M56 that gave me great access to the Wirral,

  Northwales and Lancashire, with some great countryside on my doorstep

  I didn't have to travel too far in search of wildlife and photographic


  Some of my wildlife photographs range from as far afield as Cuba,

  Antigua, Saint Martin, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic,  Tuscany ,

  Corfu, Turkey, Spain, Portugal.




I now live in the Charente area of western France.



Redstart Charente Wildlife

May 23, 2022

Common Redstart 

P5210370P5210370 Great to have the Redstarts nesting in the garden again 

214A9467214A9467 214A5132214A5132 A92A3521A92A3521


Lime Hawkmoth Charente Moths

April 30, 2022

Lime Hawkmoth

P4300631P4300631 P4300503P4300503 P4300520P4300520 P4300535P4300535 P4300568P4300568

Nightingale Charente Birds

April 25, 2022


214A4108214A4108 214A6788214A6788 214A6847214A6847

Charente Nature Photography Badger project

April 24, 2022

Last of the Badger photo's for a now

214A6332214A6332 214A6428214A6428 214A6418214A6418 This one is having a good scratch.


Badger project Charente Nature

April 20, 2022

Badgers in the Charente

214A5747214A5747 214A5751214A5751 214A5656214A5656 214A5629214A5629 214A5618214A5618 214A5630214A5630 214A5605214A5605 214A5236214A5236 214A5232214A5232 214A5230214A5230 214A5222214A5222

Blackcap Charente Nature

April 12, 2022

Blackcap Charente Nature

A92A4223A92A4223 A92A4252A92A4252 A92A4036A92A4036 A92A4046A92A4046 A92A4209A92A4209 A92A3995A92A3995 A92A4019A92A4019

Orange Tip Butterfly Charente Nature

April 11, 2022

Orange Tip Butterfly

214A7249214A7249 214A7243214A7243 214A1218214A1218 214A1200214A1200 214A1251214A1251 214A1197214A1197 214A1168214A1168 214A1186214A1186 214A1167214A1167

Badger Project day 5 Charente Nature

April 07, 2022

Day 5 of the Badger project using R5 / RF 100-500 @ f11 / ISO 1600

214A1052214A1052 Don't like using flash on Badgers in the rain.

214A1031214A1031 214A1037214A1037 214A1044214A1044 Garden Safari 

214A1033214A1033 214A1051214A1051

Badger Project day 4 charente

April 06, 2022

Badger project day 4

0Y2A28210Y2A2821 0Y2A27880Y2A2788 0Y2A27900Y2A2790 0Y2A27940Y2A2794 0Y2A27780Y2A2778 0Y2A27860Y2A2786 0Y2A27690Y2A2769 0Y2A27730Y2A2773

Day 4 with change of settings 

Canon 7D mk2 / 40m @f8

Badger Project Garden Safari Charente

April 03, 2022

The Badger Project Garden Safari Charente

A92A3698A92A3698 A92A3780A92A3780 0Y2A01140Y2A0114


European Green Lizard Charente Wildlife

April 01, 2022

European Green Lizard Charente Wildlife

214A8144214A8144 214A8102214A8102 214A4508214A4508 214A8038214A8038 214A7985214A7985 214A7973214A7973 214A4400214A4400 214A4173214A4173 214A3867214A3867 214A4061214A4061 214A4117214A4117 214A3988214A3988

European Green Lizard

March 25, 2022

European Green Lizard

214A4173214A4173 214A3867214A3867 214A4061214A4061 214A4117214A4117 214A3988214A3988 214A4038214A4038

Back in the Uk, South Downs Skylark

March 23, 2022

Back in the Uk, South Downs Skylark

P3220296P3220296 P3220246P3220246 P3220277P3220277 P3220162P3220162 P3220279P3220279 P3220255P3220255

Great crested Grebe UK

March 12, 2022

Back in the UK for two weeks 

P3120218P3120218 P3120345P3120345


Great Spotted Woodpecker Charente Nature

March 02, 2022

Great Spotted Woodpecker

A92A6454A92A6454 A92A6430A92A6430 A92A6017A92A6017 A92A6367A92A6367 A92A0946A92A0946

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