January 25, 2020 - Redwing: Turdus iliacus Redwing are easy to photograph in the UK and there are plenty about, over here its' a different...
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Last of the Charente Firecrest session

January 23, 2020 - Last of the Charente Firecrest session for January
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January 20, 2020 - Saint-Germain-de-Confolens Medieval Castle located at the confluence of the Vienne and the Goire in the Charente depart...
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January 19, 2020 - Firecrest: Regulus ignicapillus Happy with this shot one of many of coming soon.
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Peregrine Falcon

January 18, 2020 - Peregrine falcon: Falco peregrinus I spotted the Peregrine's last year in the distance but decided not to photograph th...
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Fill Flash

January 15, 2020 - Greenfinch: Carduelis chloris photographed using fill flash
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Garden Nuthatch

January 14, 2020 - Nuthatch, Sitta europaea First Nuthatch photograph taken in the garden 2020
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Great Spotted Woodpecker, Charente 2020

January 13, 2020 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
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Review of 2019

January 03, 2020 - It’s that time of the year when I take stock of the photographs. In January I returned to the UK and had a day out on...
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